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The Detroit Red Wings have had several other in mentions in pop culture. The team has not only been mentioned in popular movies and TV shows, but also in some popular music. Here are a few noteworthy lyrical references to the team.

Native Michigander Kid Rock has made several appearances at Red Wings’ games throughout his life, but he also has used his musical skills to celebrate the Red Wings. In 1998, Rock released his breakout album, Devil Without A Cause, which would eventually go on to sell over 11 million copies. The album featured a great homage to Steve Yzerman as well as Rock’s self-proclaimed drinking abilities.

In the song “Wasting Time”, Rock starts the first verse with a cocky self-boasting rap. In the seventh line of the first verse, Rock states that he’s, “in it to win it like Yzerman, can drink about fifteen Heinekins”. I personally like to throw this song into my pregame playlist.

And as all good Red Wings fans know, Kid Rock also wrote and recorded the anthem “Hey Hey Hockeytown”. The song is used as the Red Wings’ goal-song at the Joe Louis Arena and rekindles memories of the late 1990’s Detroit team.

Another personal favorite song of mine that features the Red Wings is “Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song)” by the late Warren Zevon. The song chronicles the life-story of a fictional Canadian player/enforcer named “Buddy” who despite his lack of skills, aspires to play in the NHL. In the song Buddy grew up dreaming of seeing himself score for the “Wings or Canucks”. If you haven’t heard this song, it’s definitely worth a listen.

So there you have it. As you can see from this list the Detroit Red Wings’ status as one of professional sports most historic teams have allowed them to be immortalized in some of pop culture’s most recognizable mediums. It goes to show you the impact that the Red Wings have had on fans who have carried their life-long love for the team into their professional careers.

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