Best Detroit Red Wings by Jersey Number: 91-99


The Detroit Red Wings have a storied history as an Original Six Franchise. Many have worn the Winged Wheel on the front of the sweater and shared a number with another on the back. Some of those numbers hang proudly in the rafters. Others are forgotten and given to the next person on the roster.

Over the past week and a half, Octopus Thrower writers have written up the greatest names to wear every number (where applicable). Today we conclude our series with #’s 91-99.

 #91 – Sergei Fedorov

Fedorov is the only Red Wings to have ever worn 91. Frankly, Ken Holland and Co. should keep it that way. RETIRE HIS NUMBER! Fedorov was one of the best players to ever suit up for Detroit, period. In his career he amassed 483 goals (400 with the Wings), 696 assists (554 with the Wings), and three Stanley Cups. Watch This! Look at that scoring power.

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I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it again – Fedorov was Pavel Datsyuk


Pavel Datsyuk. He brought us some amazing

Nike commercials


Seriously, hilarious. 

Can’t stop laughing. 

How can you not love these?

This one was my favorite

. That’s what he did for



This highlight reel

properly sums up his career. He was fast, skilled, passed well, and eventually started playing two-way hockey. After the 1993-94 season he won the Hart, Pearson and Selke trophies, and was elected to the hall of fame this year.

Yeah. Retire his number. As we’ve seen with this exercise, there are plenty of other ones still out there for the kids.

Other notables who wore #91 – N/A

Currently: N/A

#93 – Johan Franzen

The Mule is the only one to have ever worn 93, and it’s a shame that we haven’t seen more of it. Franzen has given us some incredible memories. He scored five goals against Ottawa, but even more memorable than that was his incredible playoff game against San Jose. With the Red Wings down three games to none against the Sharks, the Mule kicked his way to a four-goal game, scoring three times in the first. No one has ever questioned his heart, or his ability. It’s just his health. Franzen battled concussions throughout his career, and is on the mend as we speak. Word is, though, that his headaches have ceased and he may actually take contact drills soon. That would be great to see, but ultimately we just hope he does what’s best for himself and his loved ones in the long run.

Other notables who wore #93 – N/A

Currently: N/A

#95 – Danny Markov

Markov is a lesser-known Wing – he only played 66 games in 2006-07 (his only season in the Winged Wheel), and didn’t contribute much. But hey, he’s the only player to ever wear 95 for Detroit, so that counts for something. Here’s to you, Danny! We hope retirement is treating you well.

Other notables who wore #95 – N/A

Currently: N/A

#96 – Tomas Holmstrom

What better way to wrap up this series then with the demolition man? The Demolition Man made such an impact on the organization that he made our list twice. As we saw with just about every other number in the 90s, Homer is the only player to wear this number, but it’s one that opposing goalies undoubtedly got sick of seeing. Screen after screen. Holmstrom scored 243 goals and had 287 assists in his 15-year NHL career, winning four Stanley Cups along the way. And sadly for even today’s players, his reputation precedes him.

Other notables who wore #96 – N/A

Currently: N/A

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