Detroit Red Wings Jersey Hall Of Fame and Shame

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Here are a few dishonorable mentions:

Patrick doesn’t like the St. Patrick’s day sweater, and frankly nor do I:

Why? WHY?! There’s no Green in Red Wings! There’s certainly no reason to don the color, even if its St. Paddy’s day. Let the other teams drive merchandise sales with stupid, off color sweaters. There’s no need to sway from the timeless, classic, red and white winged wheel.

John takes issue with stripes: 

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Red & White Striped Detroit/Cougars Jersey: Granted the Wings…er I mean Cougars wore this sweater nearly 60 years before I was born, I never liked it. I understand it was a simpler times before fancy logos, but god bless the man who designed the winged wheel.

So does Gwen:

A long, long, LONG time ago the team changed their names to the Detroit Falcons in the 1930 season. They had these God awful red and white striped jerseys that had “Detroit Falcons” in this bright gold/yellow looking color. The team always looked like they were headed to a rugby match more than a hockey game.

Really, any jersey before they were the official Detroit Red Wings in 1932, were terrible jerseys. They always looked like candy canes and and while some crest like the first old English D and the blocked lettered Detroit were cool, there was also the horrendous cougar crest that the Detroit Cougars wore in the 1928-29 season. It looked like something out of a disturbed young kids head when you asked them what they thought the devil looked like.

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