Detroit Red Wings Jersey Hall Of Fame and Shame

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The 2009 Winter Classic jersey:

Photo Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Wait. What?

No I didn’t accidentally copy and paste this. The 2009 Winter Classic jersey really divided opinions within the team.

Jimmy Halmhuber:

The first Winter Classic jersey is a throwback to when the Red Wings were the Detroit Cougars. The Red Wings sported a white sweater with a red stripe across the chest and the old English D in the middle.  It was a great idea in concept, but i didn’t like the jersey so much.

John Curran:

2009 Winter Classic Jersey: Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the Red Wings rockin’ the Old English style “D”, but the overall jersey makes me feel just “meh”. I know my opinion on this jersey is probably the minority opinion but like I said, “meh”.

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