Detroit Red Wings Jersey Hall Of Fame and Shame

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In February 2016, the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche will take to the outdoor ice at Coors Field as part of the Coors Light Stadium Series. The game has got everyone here at Octopus Thrower towers excited and we’re super hyped to see our favorite team take on our rivals from the west.

That inimitable spirit took a slight knock a few days ago when descriptions of the Stadium Series jerseys were leaked. You can see mock-ups based on the descriptions here. Needless to say we don’t like them. I’d print some of the responses we had on Twitter and by email, but this is a family site.

That got us thinking, the Red Wings are known for having one of the most recognisable jersey/logo combinations in sport. But what are our favorite jerseys from Red Wings history? And which, if any would go into our hall of shame? We asked a few of the writers here at The Octopus Thrower to choose their winners and losers from Detroit’s fashion history, so here’s a big thanks to all who contributed.

In no particular order, here are our favorites.

Start with a classic;
The 2009 Winter Classic jersey

Photo Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The second NHL Winter Classic saw the Detroit Red Wings take to the ice sporting a white and red jersey designed as a throwback to when the team was known as the Detroit Cougars way back in the 1926-27 season; the team’s first season in the NHL.

Taking pride of place in the center of the jersey was an old English letter ‘D’, representing the city of Detroit amongst other things, while the winged wheel logo was relegated to the shoulders.

Personally I like this Jersey, it ain’t my favorite Winter Classic jersey but I get what it represents and it’s still instantly recognisable as being Detroit. Be warned, this isn’t the first time you’ll see this jersey in this article!

Patrick Brown:

What better way to incorporate the spirit of Detroit than with the old English D? It was an instant hit, and a variation you still see sold and worn today. It helps that we toppled the Hawks at Wrigley Field in the game … though I’ve blocked out what happened in the Finals that season. I’ve still yet to get my hands on one of these uniforms, but I really should before it’s too late.

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