Detroit Red Wings 5 Must-Watch Games for 2015 Season

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February 21st against Colorado

The Coors Light Stadium Series is back, the NHL’s cash-generators will be held between the Wild and the Blackhawks on February 21st while the Colorado Avalanche will face our Detroit Red Wings a week later on the 26th at Coors Field; home of the Colorado Rockies. I ain’t kidding about it being a cash-generator either. Cheapest tickets I can find are $80 in the nosebleeds. For $80 you can watch a few games at the Joe or buy one hot dog at the Air Canada Centre.

It’s well documented how the Wings and Avs are the best of friends, so expect a gentlemanly, well-mannered affair when the two clash in February. A bit like this:

Any excuse to watch that again. Don’t expect this game to be an all-out brawl, but it should be entertaining.

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