Detroit Red Wings 5 Must-Watch Games for 2015 Season

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October 9th against Toronto

On the October 9th, former Detroit coach Mike Babcock will bring his Toronto Maple Leafs to the Joe for an original six match-up. His first time back since departing in May 2015. This game is Detroit’s season opener, but Toronto play the Montreal Canadiens two days earlier, and you know that’s gonna be a tiring game for the Leafs’ skaters.

One big factor will be Pavel Datsyuk’s ankle injury. Will Detroit’s superstar be back in time for the Wing’s home opener?

The other key factor, possibly a deciding factor is the absence of Phil Kessel. The big forward scored 185 goals for Toronto in his six seasons with the team before being traded away. Is Kessel’s absence something the Wings can take advantage of?

Let’s remind ourselves of some historic Detroit – Toronto action:

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