Detroit Red Wings: Top 5 Joe Louis Anthems


Music is woven into everything from movies and TV shows to our daily drives and local hangouts. Music is often used to set the mood or enhance a situation and there is no better place than a sports arena during playoff time. Joe Louis Arena has seen it’s fair share of intense playoff rivalries and Stanley Cup Championships and you can bet there were plenty of classic songs played at just the right time.

When it comes to the Detroit Red Wings there is one man responsible for the songs that you hear at Joe Louis Arena and that is T. Campbell aka The Hockey Jockey. Not only does Campbell choose great songs that get the crowd pumped during every Detroit Red Wings home game he also has to pick the appropriate time for each song to maximize its effectiveness. Campbell has been the Official Detroit Red Wings DJ since 1991 and is still going strong. Check out his Twitter and even give him a request for the upcoming season!

Today we will look at the top 5 songs during T. Campbell’s tenure with the Detroit Red Wings which is one year shy of the current Red Wings playoff streak. Songs have been ranked based on their longevity, impact on the crowd, and how memorable they are.

5. The last spot will actually consist of three different songs since they are songs played when a specific player scores. Who wouldn’t want their own theme song when they score a goal? I chose the captains but check out more player goal songs in J.J from Kansas’ article on

  1. Henrik Zetterberg-Hail to the King-Avenged Sevenfold There is no doubt that Captain Henrik Zetterberg is the current king of the Detroit Red Wings and should be for the next few years.
  2. Niklas Kronwall-I Can’t Drive 55- Sammy Hagar. Kronwall may not score as much but that just makes hearing it all the sweeter when Kronner nets one. I’m hoping to hear this one a bit more this season.
  3. Pavel Datsyuk-Magic Man-Heart. When your theme song is based on the awe-inspiring way in which you score goals, life is good. Datsyuk will continue to amaze audiences this season at the Joe.

4. Another multi-part answer, we will look at when a penalty is called against the Red Wings and when a penalty is called against the visiting team. Many times a big penalty kill or a power play goal can really change the momentum of the game and these songs help get the ball rolling their respective way. 

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  • Penalty against the Away team- The Dragnet theme by Walter Schumann coupled with Ray Charles’ Hit the Road Jack. There is nothing sweeter than laughing at an opposing player as he skates to the “sin bin” putting the lethal Red Wings power play on the ice.
  • Penalty against the Red Wings-Misunderstanding- Genesis. There are a few songs they play in this situation but my favorite earned it’s place because I am usually left arguing a fair share of calls. A good song to help everyone calm down and focus on the upcoming penalty kill.

3. Towards the end of a close game or in overtime- Livin’ on a Prayer- Bon Jovi. When the game is on the line, Livin’ on a Prayer gets people singing and most importantly gets people praying that the Red Wings will get the 2 points.

2. The quintessential come back theme song-Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey. Sometimes things don’t look so good but there is always a chance to turn it around. Some of the most exciting and memorable games are great comebacks and no comeback at Joe Louis Arena is complete without hearing the crowd recite “born and raised in South Detroit” during Journey’s iconic anthem.

1. When the Red Wings score a goal. Hey, Hey Hockeytown-Kid Rock Version. This is the version I remember hearing first. If I remember correctly I first saw it after the Red Wings won the cup in 1997 and before the 1998 title. Every time I hear that song I am brought back to that very happy time in my life when I was in the middle of watching the Red Wings win back to back titles. I never grow tired of hearing that song because it usually follows a Red Wings goal. How could it not be #1?

Next time you go to the Joe for a Red Wings game or even watch one on TV, pay close attention to the music and I guarantee you will have a greater appreciation for T. Campbell and enjoy the game even more.