Detroit Red Wings: Top 5 Homegrown Detroit Defencemen

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#4: Niklas Kronwall (2003-present)

It’s not often that a player’s name becomes a verb, but Niklas Kronwall is the exception to the rule. There were times in the past where one of Kronwall’s devastating hits could change the momentum of a game. Whenever you saw #55 turn around and start skating backwards along the side-boards, you knew somebody was about to get “Kronwalled”.

Sadly Niklas has slowly phased his trademark back-check out of his game, but that doesn’t take anything away from his status as Detroit’s current defensive leader. As the Red Wings continue to transition into a younger team, Kronwall’s veteran experience will be key when bringing up the kids from Grand Rapids.

Kronwall has played a total of 674 regular-season games so far with the Wings, collecting 71 goals and 268 assists. He has been a staple on the Red Wings power-play, and can be very efficient at sneaking into an offensive play and ripping a heavy slap shot from the slot.

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