Detroit Red Wings Analysis: Prospect Development Camp


Octopus Thrower’s Natalie Longroy attended the Detroit Red Wings 2015 Developmental Camp in Traverse City, Michigan. Below is her take on what happened on the ice. 

This is not just a camp to develop future Wings players but a spectacle for fans to see these players in action. It’s one thing to hear the hype about a player but to see them in action is another.

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From draft picks to current Grand Rapids Griffins players, you were able to see them all.

I went on the Fourth of July for the scrimmage. The scrimmage consisted of two 30 minute halves and a ten man shootout. Throughout the scrimmage each team would take one person out for a “penalty” so the coaches can see how each team does under pressure simulating a real game situation. Also in between the halves they would switch out the goalies to give equal playing time.

One thing I noticed right off the bat were miscommunication but that’s understandable since a lot of these players had never played with each other before and don’t know each of the player’s style.

Now to highlight some of the players that definitely stood out in my book.

Photo Credit: Natalie Longroy

First, Tyler Bertuzzi. I’d heard so much hype on this kid but I didn’t know if it was deserved. Now seeing him play in person I understand all that hype is warranted.

A little background on Bertuzzi is he is Todd Bertuzzi’s nephew, played with the Griffins towards the end of the season into the playoffs, stands at 6’1″, and weighs 190 pounds. He’s a left winger and shoots left. He has the potential to be a lethal threat once he’s bulked up a little bit and has another season with the Griffins.

He makes crisp passes that can be deadly in the offensive zone, great stick handling skills, and sets up opportunities right in front of the net.

In the Detroit Free Press Coach Jeff Blashill stated:

"“He came to us and made an immediate impact. He came to our team with lots of confidence, and was able to bring that to our league. He’s also had success because of the type of player he is – he’s hard, he goes to the net hard, is strong on the puck. He’s a playoff-type player.”"

After this weekend, he is the one player I am excited to see develop and become a star in the future.

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Next is Detroit’s first round pick from 2014, Dylan Larkin.

This kid has seen it all. He jumped from level to level this past year, starting the season off at the University of Michigan and ending with the Grand Rapids Griffins. Many even say that he will start next season off in Detroit. Personally I see one to two years with the Griffins to really develop his skills and then sending him off to the big leagues.

What really struck me with Larkin is his ability to keep the puck on his stick in tight situations which is a key component of this game. He’s also a pretty fast skater.

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One more person you should learn the name of: Anthony Greco.

He was a camp invite. He plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He has Helm-esque qualities about him like charging into the offensive zone but at the same time he lost the puck quite a few times. However I see him conquering the learning curve and getting better every year.

Photo Credit: Natalie Longroy

All in all the camp was a success. The coaches got a chance to watch these players and get to know them more than just numbers on a spread sheet.

Overall with some time and patience, a lot of these prospects have a good chance at making it to the NHL whether it be with the Red Wings or any other team. I wish them the best of luck in their future.

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