Some of the Most Famous Detroit Red Wings Fans (video)


If you went to a Detroit Red Wings game in the late 90’s and mid 2000’s it was a great time for the Red Wings and you would sometimes see some the interesting faces at the games. At the time tickets were a little cheaper than they are now, and you got more of an interesting group.

There are three faces that suck out from the rest of the crowd for their actions, clothing, frequent attendance, and positioning that make them famous Red Wings fans.

Knitting Lady

Margret Molnar, An old lady would come to every single Red Wings home game and just knit. She would be shown on the jumbo-tron every game and the crowd would go crazy as she would stop knitting and give a little wave to the camera and go back to her knitting.Unfortunatley, she passed away in 2008. She was one of the Red Wings good luck charms and a fan favorite.

Orange Hat Guy

Kenneth Rucker , better known as Orange Hat Guy was either very superstitious or he wore it because he felt like it, would wear the same hat, sat in the same spot and got the same food every single game every single year. When Orange Hat Guy passed away in 2010 the Red Wings painted his seat orange for the following season. Some fans have also taken it upon themselves to carry on what he has started to wear an orange hat to Red Wings games.

Mo Cheese

Imagine a guy rocking a dad bod in a Red Wings jersey wearing a Stanley Cup on his head. During a TV timeout Mo Cheese would seemingly come out of nowhere and start dancing in the aisle. It got the crowd fired up. Mo would be there for all big games like when Toronto Maple Leafs were in town and all playoff games. Mo Cheese is a fan favorite, he has not been seen at a Red Wings game in recent years.

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