Detroit Red Wings rumors: Trading for Rick Nash


Detroit Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland recently said he was exploring trades. One name coming up is New York Rangers forward Rick Nash. We reached out to the great writers at Fan Sided’s Blue Line Station to give us a little bit on Nash and what he would bring should the Red Wings trade for him. Blue Line Station provided the analysis for the first two questions. 

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In 10 words or less, what do you get with Rick Nash? 

Nash is a giant with a killer two-way game.

What would Red Wings fans expect from Nash night in and night out?

If Nash were traded to Detroit, fans should expect a player that will always be a factor on the ice and must be accounted for every time he takes a shift.  He is emerging as a good two-way power forward.  His scoring abilities are unrivaled, scoring from virtually anywhere.  His defensive play especially on the penalty kill, has brought his game to another level making Nash a versatile player, and not one dimensional.

However, he is a streaky goal-scorer.  Despite scoring 42 goals last season, many of those came in bunches at the beginning of the season.  His scoring tapered off near the end of the regular season.  Also, he has been absent in the playoffs until last season.  This may have been contributed to his lack of postseason experience coming from Columbus.

However, if Nash can be taught to use his body more in the offensive zone and be willing to get in front of the goalie for screens and grimy goal opportunities, he can be a beast.

What would the Rangers want for Nash? 

Nash’s contract doesn’t come cheap. It’s a $7.9M cap hit, and still has three years left on the contract. Like many of the other contracts (David Backes, for example), it would diminish the returns because of the sizable hit. Balancing out that hit, however, are 42 goals Nash scored in the regular season. He’s a goal scoring machine who has flourished in Alain Vigneault’s offense. Moving to the Red Wings would place him with some quicker, offensive playmakers.

Next: If Detroit traded for the #3 pick, who would you take?

What would they ask for? Since it’s most likely half salary dump, half production concerns (the playoffs specifically), he would most likely cost a couple prospects and draft picks.

Would the Red Wings try to acquire him? 

They tried once before. Columbus wouldn’t have it, instead peddling him away to the Rangers for a boatload of prospects. Nash is three years older, but is coming off his best NHL season in terms of goals and tied for second best in points. He would absolutely bring an element of scoring the Wings have lacked since Johan Franzen was healthy and the Euro twins were in their prime. The question is who would it take to get him out of New York?

Think Gustav Nyquist, or Tomas Tatar, a pick, and a prospect.

Would they pull the trigger?

It seems counterproductive to think that the Red Wings would deal younger players for a 31-year-old accused of not performing in the playoffs. But if the Red Wings did trade, say Nyquist, they would most likely have New York eat some of the cap hit, while avoiding one RFA contract in 2016-2017. The real question is if the Red Wings would actually be willing to part with a player like Nyquist, five years Nash’s junior and one of the league’s apparent rising stars. He’s also been named one of the players in the Red Wings younger core. Tatar would draw the same attention, and is nearly identical. The difference was a better playoff in 2015, and a stronger plus minus.

But in order to get something, you have to give something up. It would most likely fetch a proven NHL kid, a prospect, and a pick to defer some of the contract and grab Nash.