Detroit Red Wings Roundtable: Sitting in Ken Holland’s seat

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Frank Cerulla – Octopus Thrower Staff Writer

If I were in Kenny’s shoes this offseason, I would start with the goalie situation. There can’t be a back and forth setting. There needs to be an immediate decision and they need to ride with it. Mrazek seems to be able to hold his own just fine, and with Jimmy constantly injured and as inconsistent as he shows, Mrazek deserves that spot for now.

Detroit need to strengthen up the blue line and give their starting goalie a chance. There CANNOT be as many defensive breakdowns that have no only resulted in some crucial goals, but losing some crucial games as well. Cody Franson would be a good option.The man has a big body, and would be a great compliment to our defensive line-up taking some of the pressure off on Kronner. No need to break the bank.

Overall the pieces to the puzzle will work themselves out. Strengthen the Blue-Line, gather a consistent goalie, and keep Cleary out of the line-up and give the younger guys some time to grow and develop.  But do not fret, the young kids got game, and just a matter of time before they get comfortable and are able to produce more as the years move along.

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