My Red Wings Wish List


I’m going to pretend the NHL rules are like they were in the summer of 2001.  You know, when the Wings had Yzerman, Shanahan, Lidstrom, Chelios, Larionov, and Fedorov…then got Hull, Robitaille, and Hasek before the season began.  That’s right, I’m going to list my dream “shopping” list for Kenny Holland and crew.  Obviously, this is all a pipe dream due to players already having contracts and the whole salary cap thing, but I figure it’s for good fun and should cause some interesting debates.  I present to you, the reader:  10 NHL players I wish the Wings could sign tomorrow!

Before I begin – I did put a little thought into how I was going to “select” players.  I took a few young guys with great potential and some guys who are in the prime of their careers.   I think it’s the best way to “build a team” since this actually could happen…yes.  Anyway, let’s begin!

10 – Tyler Seguin, Boston Bruins.  This guy lucked out.  He was the second overall draft pick and win a Stanley Cup in his first season.  Then he got to party with Alyonka Larionov.  I want both of those things.  He was also on top of the NHL’s scoring race for part of this season while being one of the only forward on the Bruins who was even close to decent in the playoffs.  I think he’s going to be a consistent 80-90 point a season guy for a long time.  Plus, he’s very young, so he’d be around a while.

9 – Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning.  Kind of a surprise pick, yes.  But, he’s a tall, right-handed shooting Swedish defenseman.  I’ll admit he’s not as good of a player as I thought he’d be at this stage of his career, but it’s very tough to play defense in the NHL, especially as a teenager, which he did.  After three full NHL seasons, I think he’s going to step it up big time and could possibly be a Norris candidate in the near future.

8 – Claude Giroux, Philadelphia Flyers.  I’m aware he just got suspended (and rightfully so in my opinion), but still, he’s a beast.  He should have been a Hart nominee this season for how awesome he played.  A very solid two way player who plays in all situations.  Plus, he’s a right handed shot, which the Wings are lacking up front (no offense to Eaves and Mursak).

7 – Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers.  Just look at his eyes.  Damn.

6 – Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Phoenix Coyotes.  In all his interviews, he says he tried to model his game after Nicklas Lidstrom.  That’s good enough for me.  Also, I’ve watched him play, and he’s really good at playing hockey.  After only two full NHL seasons, he’s already really good, so after a little more experience, he’s another potential Norris winner.  In other news I apparently have a thing for Swedish defenseman…

5 – Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils (for now…).  Just a hard working awesome two-way player who “gets it”.  Just an all around awesome hockey player and person, but I care more about the hockey player part.  If he signs with the Wings in July, I might just go out and buy his jersey.  And not a single person is surprised by this.  And now, just for a brief moment, consider the awesomeness of Parise and Datsyuk playing on a line together.  Ahh….

4 – Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning.  Probably the best pure goal scorer in the game today.  No doubt.  His one-timer from the left faceoff circle is a thing of beauty.  He’s also a good skater and is getting better defensively.  But yeah, the dude scored 60 goals this year.  In his first four NHL season (including his first as an 18 year old playing under Barry Melrose), he’s average 44.75 goals.  Discounting that first year, he’s got 52 a year.  Yeah, the real deal here.

3 – Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins. Yeah, I know he used to be a crybaby and dive all over the place.  He doesn’t do that anymore, or at least as much.  I’m also going to assume he’s completely healthy next season.  Before he got hurt last season, he was on pace to get about 623 points (maybe a slight exaggeration..maybe).  He’s a very good two way player who now can play in all situations.  Plus, then maybe Bettman would actually like the Wings.  In other news, has anyone seen my tin foil hat?

2- Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks.  Even though his team has lost in the first round the last two seasons (hahahahahahaha) and he’s been hurt, he still rules.  He’s always been a great two way player.  Not a huge point producer, but definitely plays better in big games.  I’ve had a man-crush on him for a while now, and even though he plays for the enemy, I’d love him in the winged wheel.  It can happen.  See Chelios, Chris.

1 – Shea Weber, Nashville Predators.  I do not live under a rock.  I know that he tried to use Zetterberg’s head as a crash test dummy for the glass.  I’m also aware he shot a puck through the net in the Olympics.  I’m aware he’s been nominated for the Norris again this year (and probably should have won it last season…).  I’m also aware he is an amazing player and I would do whatever it takes to get him on the Wings.  He also just a PSA for You Can Play, which makes him even more awesome, because that’s an amazing cause that I support 100% and you should too.  In summary, Shea Weber rules and I want him on the Wings right now.

And there you have it.  It should be known that I had Ryan Kesler on my mental list until he started acting like he was trying out for the Olympic diving team:

I understand trying to draw a call, but those were beyond ridiculous. Have a disagreement or want to yell me that Crosby Sucks?  You know the drill – yell at me on Twitter.  Who knows, maybe I’ll yell back and we can have a twitter fight!  Let’s do this.