Playoff Update – Round One


Now that we’re a few games in to the playoffs, and I don’t have any urgent work to do during my lunch break, I’m going to take a quick look at each playoff series and give my commentary and probably make fun of things along the way.  It’s what I do.  Spoiler alert:  I will be mocking the Penguins.

Rangers vs Senators

Original pick:  Rangers in 5.  I’m still thinking the Rangers will win this series, but Ottawa actually played with passion in game two.  Even though they caught a lucky break on Karlsson’s goal, they played well and showed they do have life.  Hagelin’s suspension won’t be a huge loss for the Rangers in my opinion.  It hurt them more losing Dubinsky to a completely BS third man in game misconduct in game two.  Also, it’s Henrik Lunqvist vs Craig Anderson.

Bruins vs Capitals

Original pick:  Caps in 6.  I’m going to stick with that.  Both goaltenders have been fantastic.  Backstrom is slowly on his way back to being an elite player after missing about half the season with a concussion. The Bruins offense has been MIA, but their strength has always been good defense and goaltending.  I’m still thinking they’ll flop at some point and Ovie will actually try and then take over the series.  Just don’t ask Tim Thomas to play left wing during summer ball-hockey.

Panthers vs Devils

Original pick: Devils in 5.  Still leaning Devils on this one.  The Panthers have yet to play a 60 minute game.  But, in the same sense, neither have the Devils.  I still think with New Jersey having home ice from here and the players they have, they should win the series. Then we can all find out where Kris Versteeg will be playing next year!

Flyers vs Penguins

Original pick:  Flyers in 9.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man this is the best and/or worst series ever.  Ilya Bryzgalov has a 3.96 GAA and a .868 save percentage.  Out of the 17 goalies who have started a game in the playoffs, he has the second worst stats.  Marc-Andre Fleury has a 6.34 GAA and a .798 save percentage.  As you can imagine, these are the worst in the NHL.  I can’t even quantify how bad that is for MAF.  I’m aware it’s a total team breakdown and the Pens have been too focused on cheap-shotting Philly to play defense, but still, MAF couldn’t stop a beach ball right now.  The Flyers defense and goaltending haven’t been exactly “good” either.  Remember how we all thought this series was going to be awesome?

Canucks vs Kings

Original pick: Canucks in 7.  Technically, that could still happen.  Technically, I could create a time machine and go back to the year 2000 and date Britney Spears.  I don’t know which one has a better chance of happening.  The Kings really should write a Thank-You letter to Duncan Keith for killing Daniel Sedin.  The Canucks just look totally lost.  In fact, Ryan Kesler already packed it in for the summer and is practicing his diving (I can’t believe I used to actually think he was an amazing player and wanted him on the Wings.  I apologize for that). Luongo wasn’t great, but he’s not the reason for the Canucks losing.  Do they blow the team up in the summer?  We’ll find out soon!

Blues vs Sharks

Original pick – Blues in 6.  I haven’t watched much of this series, so it’s hard for me to judge what’s going on and to make fun of people.  I’ll just move along to the next series and GO BLUES BEAT THE SHARKS!!  I’m a professional.

Coyotes vs Blackhawks

Original pick – Coyotes in 6.  And I’m sticking with that!  Both games so far, Phoenix has surrendered a lead with just a few seconds left.  They should try a new game plan of not letting Chicago score late in the game.  I think when I become a coach, that is the message I will give to my players.  Also, I probably shouldn’t end the blog with the games of the two series’ I have seen the least.  I will work on this in the future.

Predators vs Red Wings

I’ll save my ranting for when the series is over.