Jarome Iginla should be a Red Wing. The power forward's loyalty and commitment to the Jarome Iginla should be a Red Wing. The power forward's loyalty and commitment to the

Wings Must Get Iginla


Jarome Iginla should be a Red Wing. The power forward’s loyalty and commitment to the Flames has been beyond admirable. He still, like all politically savvy players, maintains that it is his desire to win a Cup in Calgary.

This is not going to happen.

Amidst the deluge of goaltending phenoms that have roots in Suomi, including Tim Thomas in a quirky way, Miika Kiprusoff has been the most spectacular.  It now seems that Kipper’s days as a perennial Vezina Trophy candidate, sadly, are numbered, and possibly over.

As Kipper and Iggy go, so go the Flames.

Iginla is 34 years of age.  He is at a crossroads in his career.  He could make a gamble, and continue to honor his allegiance to Calgary.  I’m not convinced that this is a gamble he can afford if seeing his name etched somewhat awkwardly in silver is what he wants, and I’m sure it is.

I say awkwardly because when beholding the Stanley Cup up close, those fine names look somewhat amateurishly carved into the trophy.  This is part of it’s historical charm, and not to be derided.

Although Detroit has impressively pulled itself out of it’s puzzling losing streak, I don’t believe we have sufficient firepower up front to make any serious assault upon our foes in the west during the postseason, assuming we make it, which I think we will.

Acquiring Iginla via trade, would change that situation dramatically, which is why it must be done.

I realize that this is extremely unlikely to happen.

Iginla has a no-movement clause in his contract, which would have a cap hit of 7 million.  The Flames have publicly stated that they have no plans to trade it’s bulldog-sniper of a captain, and again, the always gracious Iginla, has made no indication that he wants to get out of Dodge.

Furthermore, although I would not want any other person in the world to artifice our roster, Ken Holland is generally a cautious administrator, and dealing for Iginla would be a bold move.

Detroit has not made a trade even close to earning the title “blockbuster” during a season. Not since Paul Coffey and Keith Primeau were evacuated, and Brendan Shanahan moved in.

Please, do not try and claim that the Robert Lang deal was significant in any way.

I am not a fan of Shanahan’s.  Never have been.  But it was obviously a deal that worked out wonderfully for us.  Ironically, Shanahan was and Iginla is a power forward, both with fine noses for the twine.

The good news is, our projected cap space is right around 5.6 million.  So dealing a regular or two for Iginla , and several names come to my mind as I’m sure they do yours, makes this an affordable deal.

Detroit has one pure goal scorer on it’s squad in Johan Franzen. 13 and 40 have enumerable responsibilities on the ice, which makes the need for another player who receives a standing order from Commander Babcock to fire at will even more critical.

I am totally convinced that this group of Red Wings has another Cup left in them. I am also convinced, but not totally, that the season to win our 5th championship since 1997, is this one.

Lidstrom can clearly play until the sun burns out eons from now, but he won’t.  Hank and Pav are still in their primes, but sooner rather than later, they will likely start slowing down.  Goal scorers are generally streaky, and Franzen is no exception.

So, it seems we have an awesome opportunity here.

We could add one of the finest modern goal scorers to the team, a player who has yet to win a Stanley Cup.

This would immediately make us a favorite, if not the favorite.

How much more can we expect from Jiri Hudler? Do we have a hidden gem in Jakub Kindl? Does someone in Calgary see something in Jonathan Ericsson that I do not?  Answers are: I don’t know, I don’t know, and I doubt it.

It seems our ultimate card in any kind of deal that could land us Iginla, is Valtteri Filppula.  While the sky might not be the limit for the young man, a spot very high up in the air is.  I would be loathe to ship Val, but if Iginla is the return, than so be it.

Of course, if a blogger knows these things, then Ken Holland and Jim Nill certainly do as well.  I am unfamiliar with the process that these men go through when deciding on an accord. I hope I am, if not on the same page, at least reading the same book as our roster architects.

There may be a GM out there who is less calculating than our own, and willing to make Calgary a hysterical offer that they would be foolish to refuse.

Many, many things to keep in mind here.

While I wouldn’t exactly call myself an optimist, I would call myself a dreamer. Is this a pipe dream? No, not at all.  It’s perfectly doable.

If we don’t do it, we might be waiting for a parade that never arrives.

I say we give Jarome the full court press, get our fine front office to seduce the Flames into dealing him, and watch the man light the lamp for us on our way to winning the 2011-2012 Stanley Cup Championship.

As always, Go Wings.