Scotty Bowman Is Still The Greatest Coach In Detroit Red Wings’ History

Brendan Savage of Mlive is polling readers on who they believe is the greatest coach in Detroit Red Wings history.

Scotty Bowman, Mike Babcock, Jack Adams, and Tommy Ivan were the four choices Brendan Savage is giving fans to vote on and while they are all great choices, the answer is obvious.

Scotty Bowman is the greatest coach in the history of the Detroit Red Wings.

Bowman joined Detroit in 1993 and helped turn the Red Wings from an easy out in the playoffs to Stanley Cup contenders each season.

In Scotty Bowman’s second season with the Detroit Red Wings, he led the team to the Stanley Cup Finals – first time in twenty-nine years – during the lockout shortened season. The Wings ended up falling to the New Jersey Devils in four games, but it was a big step in the right direction for Detroit.

Two years after the defeat to the Devils, Bowman brought the team back to the Stanley Cup Finals and this time the Red Wings did the sweeping. The Detroit Red Wings bested the Philadelphia Flyers in four games to bring the Stanley Cup to back to Detroit for the first time since the 1954-55 NHL season.

Bowman brought three more Stanley Cups to Detroit and won four hundred and ten game with Detroit, good enough for third most in Red Wings’ history.

When Scotty Bowman retired, he retired on top with a Stanley Cup victory in 2002 and left Detroit fans with a great memory and elevated him to legendary status in Detroit.

Jack Adams is a step behind Bowman despite having three more victories, three Stanley Cups, and spending twenty seasons with Detroit; even the trophy handed out to the best coach is called the Jack Adams. But it was a different era of hockey and one newer Red Wings fans do not connect with. Jack Adams and Bowman are neck and neck, but Bowman barely edges him out.

Mike Babcock is a step behind Jack Adams even though he is the all-time wins leader as a coach with four hundred and fifteen victories and has spent nine seasons with the Red Wings. What holds him back is only bringing one Stanley Cup back to Detroit in his tenure, but if he stays with Detroit after next season and brings a couple more Cups to Detroit he could overtake Bowman.