Nicklas Lidstrom: The Videos

Since all of us have already read about eleventy billion articles about how awesome Nicklas Lidstrom is in every aspect of life, I figured I would do something a little different – a post with a bunch of videos of Lidstrom’s amazing career.  I know I probably missed your favorite video, so let me know and maybe I’ll do another post.  But for now…let’s do this:

Lidstrom’s first NHL points:

First NHL Goal:

1995 Playoffs – OT Winner against Chicago:

Lidstrom saves a game against Colorado in 1997:

Game 4, 1997 Cup Final:

Winning the 97 Cup (yes, he’s out there at the end!):

This one proves that Nick is really good at hockey AND geometry:

1998 Final – Nick ruling:

Winning the 1998 cup:

2002 Round 1 – Yeah:

First European to win the Conn Smythe:

(Having a hard time finding videos for the post 2000 era.  moving on….)

Olympic Perfection:

2007 playoffs vs San Jose…Vezina Baby!

Probably shouldn’t be proud of scoring on Marc-Andre Fleury, but still:

Nicklas Lidstrom, come get the Stanley Cup. It’s yours to take back to Hockeytown!

And to round out 2008, let’s un-learn how to spell Lidstrom!

1,000th point:


None of us could do this.  Ever.

Last Norris Win (with Kevin Smith and Cobie Smulders…mmm):

Last goal:

Best video ever saved for last:

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