Red Wings return to Detroit

So here we are.

It’s the morning after and lucky for all of us in Hockeytown it just happens to be Friday the thirteenth. At least the Tigers are playing today right?

Yeah it just isn’t the same.

The Red Wings season is officially over and now comes all the speculation…

Did we just watch the last game of the great Nicklas Lidstrom?

Will Ken Holland resign Jonathan Ericsson?

Why are we paying Brian Rafalski $6 million a year with a no trade clause again?

Is Ilari Filppula going to get a two-year deal now that his one-year “audition” with the Griffins is over? Or is iFlip going to head back to Finland and play with Jokerit? (If he is I am totally going to beg Jim Cerny and/or Jesse Spector to pick me up a Filppula Jokerit jersey when the New York Rangers play them this fall).

A few years ago it was Hudler with the late in the third mistakes – now it’s Justin Abdelkder – can he out grow that?

How bad are Todd Bertuzzi and Dan Cleary’s concussions? Will they be back before St. Louis Blues David Perron or Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby?

Why the hell is Pennsylvania getting another Winter Classic? Why are the Flyers back in the Winter Classic? Rangers vs. Flyers? That is really better than say a Tampa Bay vs. Detroit at Michigan Stadium? (Okay that might have a huge Detroit bias in it but what about Detroit hosting the Rangers? Has that Original 6 feel from when Chicago Blackhawks hosted and at Michigan Stadium could take the world record for attendance from the NCAA).

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The season may not have ended the way we all had hoped but that is how it goes for 29 teams and their fans in the NHL every year.

Our boys in red did is well with their perseverance, their hard fought battle against injuries and lets face it – history. With Franzen, Bertuzzi, Cleary, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and probably a good chunk of the others injured they came back from being down 3-0 and forced a one-goal game seven.

The boys are back in town – just without the Stanley Cup this time.

You are on your own with whom you chose out of the Boston Bruins, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Vancouver Canucks and those Sharks from San Jose to go on to win it all; but my alliance is falling with Hockeytown East –

Art by Robert Ullman

Go Bolts!

Oh and my advice for the day Wings fans – do not go and read Ryan Lambert’s piece over on Puck Daddy (can’t say I didn’t warn you).