I didn’t want him and don’t want him now

Any picture of Modano sucks without Willa

I wrote a post about the possibility of Mike Modano joining the Motown machine and basically I didn’t think it was a good move.  I won’t go into too many details, for that you can read the post, but lets just say the only thing I would like about Mikey coming to The Big D would be seeing Willa Ford in the seats.  And all of this when it was just a rumor.

Holland met with the guy, had serious talks over hot dogs at a Tigers game, stated that he would love to see Mikey join the club, and made (in my opinion) a pretty good offer considering his age, length of contract, and viability of another championship.  Modano even stated it was the Red Wings or retirement.  So what’s the current state of affairs?

Modano is weighing his options.

He’s had competing offers from San Jose, Minnesota, and maybe Anaheim.  Minnesota is purely a sentimental offer since that is where he started his 20+ year career, but they have no chance of being serious cup contenders.  San Jose, playing a classic game of monkey-see-monkey-do, thought that Mikey must be good if Holland wants him so they needed to join in the bidding.  This makes me wonder if McLellan can make an independent decision or if he even has independent thoughts?

After all of this I’m even less excited about seeing Modano join the Wings and I didn’t that was possible.