Pavel Datsyuk Still Dreams Of Playing In Russia

During the 2012-13 lockout, Pavel Datsyuk played thirty-one games with CSKA Moscow before the NHL lifted the lockout and he re-joined the Detroit Red Wings and before his professional hockey career is over, he wants to play in front of family and friends in Russia.

Despite playing for CSKA Moscow during the lockout, Pavel Datsyuk has always drempt about playing for his hometown team, the Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg.

When asked by about his dream while over in Russia, Datsyuk said:

It is hard to talk about it now. My dream is to play for the “Motorist” remains, but [I have to] look at how the rest of my hockey career [goes].

Pavel Datsyuk’s three-year contract extension kicks in this season and will keep him in Detroit until after the 2016-17 NHL season, but what will happen after that will be a mystery.

After the deal is up, Datsyuk might return to Russia, while he still has more than a few years left to play at a high=level and no one would be able to fault him after spending eighteen seasons with the Detroit Red Wings or he could sign year-to-year deals like Nicklas Lidstrom did at the end of his career.

I expect Datsyuk to go out on top like Lidstrom, while still being able to play well, but if he decided to take the Steve Yzerman route I would not be too surprised.

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