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Detroit Red Wings Development Camp: Talking To #96 Axel Holmstrom

Axel Holmstrom was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the 7th round (196 overall).

When asked how it felt to be drafted by the Detroit Red Wings, Axel said, “It’s exciting, Detroit is the most popular team in Sweden, of course… it’s fun.”

Even though Axel Holmstom put up a picture of himself and Tomas Homlstrom as Doctor Evil and Mini Me up on his instagram when asked about whether or not he asked for number ninety-six he said, “I was given 96. I could ask for it though, I was born in ’96, but I was given it.”

In the scrimmage, Axel Holmstrom had a quiet game, but a solid game. He was able to work with the puck in tight quarters, played well on the boards, and was rarely knocked off the puck while carrying it through the neutral zone.

When talking about his game Axel said, “It’s the first game, I didn’t expect so much, but it is the first game, only the first game, hopefully it’s getting better. But in the corner I am strong on the puck so that feels great.”

What impressed me most about Axel was his patience on the ice, he showed little to no nerves during the game and out waited players on the other team, which allowed him time to find the right play and create openings in the defense for his teammates.

Axel talked about his patience during the game, “I thought when I went out, play my game that is why I [am] here, so I am not going to throw the puck away that is not how I play. So I thought that and I didn’t.”

Axel Holmstrom might have been a seventh round draft pick, but there is a lot to like about the young Swede and a lot of potential.

Axel will spend a couple more years in Sweden maturing, but when he is ready to cross the pond, full-time he could just be another late round steal for the Detroit Red Wings.

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