"The Avengers: Red Wings Initiative," Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth issue of The Avengers: Red Wings Initiative. Last week, we had Darren Helm show up as Bruce Banner with Pavel Datsyuk‘s Black Widow convincing him to return and continue to “avoid injury.”

We’re coming to the end of the “introduction” of the various Avengers. This week, Captain America shows up, and Mike Babcock does his best to get him back on the team. If you were around my Twitter during the first round of the playoffs, you may have seen one of these frames before…

This is also one of the longer issues, so enjoy!

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7 Zetterberg IntroFor a while, I was actually tempted to make this into a very serious story. Heck, I was going to have an issue where Jonathan Ericsson‘s Loki was talking with “The Other” (the Chitauri leader), which would be Gary Bettman, as he attempts to bring an end to the sport of hockey. But then I decided to just highlight the hilarious things.

It’s extremely easy to transform Zetterberg into Steve Rogers/Captain America. They are very similar human beings (minus the Zetterbeard, of course). Also, one of my personal favorite panels is the last one of this issue.

The Red Wings’ Avengers are almost complete! Next week is our last introduction! By process of elimination, Tony Stark is the last character we need to see. Plus, there’s a special guest appearance by Brad Stuart, who just happens to be cast as Pepper Potts! It’s great, he doesn’t even look like Brad Stuart.

If you have any ideas of things you might want to see in the upcoming issues, leave them in the comments below! I’m always open to suggestions.

Next Installment: Wednesday, July 2!

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