“The Avengers: Red Wings Initiative,” Issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of The Avengers: Red Wings Initiative. Last week, we were still deeply in Thor, bringing you Johan Franzen as the Norse God himself.

This week, we finally find ourselves at the start of The Avengers (quite literally). This was one of the first issues I worked on, so there are a lot of captions as “introductions” for characters we may have already met in previous installments.

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4 ericsson reveal

Jimmy Howard‘s weirdness is still going on. And I will continue to tell you that it doesn’t ever end. He never looks right.

Jonathan Ericsson is cast as Loki for two reasons:

1) His hair. Remember when he kept his hair long like this? It’s a lot like Tom Hiddleston’s Loki hair (maybe not as pretty).

2) He’s super tall, like Frost Giants.

Plus, for the longest time, he was always the go-to guy for complaining about the Red Wings’ defensive play. Now he’s one of our top defensemen and it’s painful when he’s not on the team.

I also like that there are introduction arrows to pretty much everyone in this issue except for Mike Babcock as Nick Fury…

Next week, we delve even deeper into the Avengers and you’ll see who fills the role of Natasha Romanoff (hint: think Russian with awesome dekeing abilities).

If you have any ideas of things you might want to see in the upcoming issues, leave them in the comments below! I’m always open to suggestions. Also, I’m in need of a player to be Gambit for a “bonus” comic, so let me know if you have ideas for that casting and I’ll tell you if they’ve already been cast as an Avenger (Gambit is temporarily Xavier Ouellet, being French and all).

Next Installment: Wednesday, June 11!

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