An Open Letter To Gustav Nyquist

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Dearest Gustav Nyquist,

I’m writing you regarding your performance as a member of the Detroit Red Wings this season. You will no doubt remember me from an article I wrote on January 20th questioning your performance thus far. You will no doubt remember you had an assist in the previous game snapping a five-game pointless streak. I threw around some words like “disappointing” and some phrases like “falling short of expectations” and even poked some fun at your so-called followers and ridiculed your messiah status.

Part of me is convinced you read it and were enraged by it, because you responded with the Red Wings’ only goal that night in a 4-1 loss to St. Louis. Boy did I look silly! Writing an article about you like that on a night where you get a goal! What was I thinking, right? I wrote it off as a fluke. Heck I was happier that you were starting to turn it around and contribute more. Then you scored in the next game. And the next game. Long story short, since I wrote that article you have ten goals and six assists in sixteen games. In fact, you were only held pointless in two games since then, and one of those games the entire team was shutout. You more than made up for it with a hat trick in a losing effort against the Capitals.

You even earned a bid from Team Sweden and earned a silver medal in that effort, replacing the injured Johan Franzen. And when the Olympics ended, you came back and they put you on the 4th line. And I thought to myself ‘ok, the streak ends now, the point per game streak is finished!” Not only did you get a point that game, you got the game-winning goal in overtime against Montreal. Needless to say, I’ve been eating my words since that article was published.

I ate my words to the point where it’s giving me indigestion. I get it man. You did it. You win. I was wrong! You had a bit of a slump, but once you started getting into the swing of things you’ve been one of the most dangerous forwards on the Red Wings’ roster.  You’ve done well this half of the year and boy has this team needed it.

With Henrik Zetterberg out after getting stupid surgery on his stupid back after the stupid Olympics, the Red Wings are hurting. Pavel Datsyuk operating at about 70% with a hurt knee doesn’t help things much either. So if the Red Wings are going to continue their post-season streak, they’re going to really need young guns such as you to step up. There’s a lot of teams chomping at the bit to take that last playoff spot in the East from Detroit, and the teams ahead of them have no intention of letting the Red Wings catch up. This last month and a half of the season is going to have every game count, and it’s going to be a brutal fight to the end of April and the beginning of the playoffs.

So I get it. I was wrong to question you. You’ve really shown me the error of my ways and I hope we can put this behind us. And if I ever write about you in the future and you don’t like it, maybe this response helps out the team far more than a sternly worded e-mail.


John Evans

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