Dec 19, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock (center) during the game against the Calgary Flames at Joe Louis Arena. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas Wish: Stop Booing The Detroit Red Wings

On Monday night, the Detroit Red Wings had a rough first period which culminated in three goals for the New York Islanders and none for the Red Wings.

Needless to say the Red Wings did not play well defensively or offensively in that period, but what happened after the period ended astounded me; boos rang out from the stands.

When the Red Wings are not playing well people get frustrated and sometimes you can hear 20 – 30 fans boo from the upper levels, but no one cares because the majority of the fans understand that booing your hometown team does not help them play better and can be detrimental to the team.

If everyone is booing the team while the players are heading off of the ice after the first period, when there is still 40 minutes of hockey left to play, they could think that the fans have given up on them.

If the team thinks the fans are not behind them and supporting anymore, then who are they playing for? There is something to be said about a team playing for themselves, but know the fans are on your side makes the players work that much harder.

Instead of taking the frustration out on the Red Wings, we could support them and let them know that through thick and thin we have their back. Every team has rough patches and with the Red Wings have gone through more than their fair share this season, but it is not a good reason to boo.

We are not Edmonton Oilers fans, who boo their team and throw their jersey on the ice; we are better than that.

If you feel compelled to boo at someone, boo the refs for a bad call or boo someone on the other team you do not like, but please do not boo at the Detroit Red Wings.

Take a page out of Mike Babcock’s book and keep you head up because hanging your head does you no good.

Let’s stop the boos and support our hometown team when they need it most.

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  • Mike


  • Timothy Redinger

    Every team gets booed every once in awhile. If the New York Islanders beat you 3-0 in one period, you probably deserved to be booed. And sometimes being booed off the ice can be a pick me up. Seen it happen before. More often than not it does not help, but I have seen it spark a team into picking up the pieces.

    • Peter Fish

      Booing does not motivate the team to play better, that is on the head coach and the players. All booing does is tell the players your don’t have their back anymore.
      But my main issue is the booing continued after the 2nd period and the 3rd. I have been to plenty of losses at the Joe and that was the first time I have heard boos of that magnitude.

  • Jon Sicotte

    I’m booing the author of this story loudly. Try again with your “insight.”

    • John Evans

      Oh yeah?!? Well I’m booing the booing of the author of this story even louder!

  • Bobby P

    22 Straight years of playoffs and you boo the team for having a rough first period? Give me a break. Booing will NEVER EVER be tolerated in the Joe. Real Red Wing fans don’t boo. If anyone has a problem with this, I’ll have no problem dropping the mitts with you.

  • Jon Hathaway

    It’s an epidemic in the state, I’m born and raised in Detroit, and proud to be a fan of all of our home teams, but I have to admit that we have the most fair weather fans anywhere. Lions get booed at him, Red Wings have been lately, as do Tigers and Michigan fans. But put together a winning streak and all the fans that “never left” will be right there rooting with ya.

  • Andrew N

    There is booing because this team has become complacent to barely make the playoffs. To play over aged, slow, and past their prime players like Bertuzzi, Cleary, and Samuelsson. To try and fool “fans” that Ericsson is worth the 6 year, $25 million contract they just gave him. To sit, year in and out and say – “the cap doesn’t let us do anything.” or “they just didn’t want to sign for a reasonable price” or “we have young stars coming up!” (but they sit and spin their wheels in the minors).

    The truth is – maybe it’s time to start looking at Ken Holland and demanding better. A general manager willing to take risks, to be aggressive, to shake things up. Obviously it isn’t working – and hasn’t worked. This Wings team barely made the playoffs last year because we had a resurgence of youth and speed that carried us through the last four games. We let Filppula go (which I agreed with that move) to sign Stephen Weiss to an identical contract (which I complete DISAGREED with) – Through 35 games Filppula has 13 goals and 28 points. Weiss got 25 games in and probably had season ending surgery. 4 points…Give Ericsson an extension of that size? He has never once broke 15 points in a season. 15 points??? Traded a prospect and a first round pick for Kyle Quincey – who is last on the team in plus minus at -13 (In case you wanted to know, Bertuzzi is next with -11) Cleary couldn’t be signed by any other team, got signed the day before the season – why is he playing on the first line with Datsyuk? Samuelsson is so bad he is a healthy scratch, but we can drop a high energy guy like Tootoo in the minors because “he doesn’t fit our team”. Maybe it’s time the TEAM changes a little!

    First and foremost, whittle down what you are willing to keep and move the rest. The only forwards who show any sign of life are Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Nyquist, Alfredsson, and Tatar. Keep them and BE WILLING to move the rest. Franzen is only ever good for one or two 5 point games, then disappears for long stretches of time. Helm can’t stay healthy. Weiss, waste.

    Second – Stop blaming Howard. Howard is the only reason this team has stayed afloat. Night in and night out our “defense” coughs the puck up in front of him, can’t move the puck up ice, makes poor decisions, can’t stay with their man, can’t clear the front of the net. Outside of Kronwall – there isn’t one defender who would be a TOP FOUR defender on a Stanley Cup team. There is potential, but we’ve been saying that for years. It’s time to find someone to make a move for someone. This is actually an easy fix – but involves giving something up, and Holland refuses to do that which is why we wait for free agency or make small moves that requires little risk.

    This is my proposal. There should be two moves. 1) The Mothership suggested it the other day, and I agree – Put a package together for Neil Yakupov. Give Datsyuk someone with skill to finish out the remainder of his contract. Whether it’s Franzen or Weiss or Helm – pair them with a high prospect and a pick. Picking up Yakupov, you can move Zetterberg to the second line and now you have two solid lines. Load up the third and fourth lines with youth (Nyquist/Tatar) and grit (Tootoo/Abdelkader).

    2) Is a little tougher. You have to trade for a young super star defender. The game is changing – teams are locking up all their stars long term. Good GMs have to snag those players before they become UFAs. I think Detroit should put another large package (star/prospects/picks) for Dion Phanuef. The cap will go up almost 7 million next year (so we can afford him). Pair him with Kronwall, and move whatever remaining players you have to the second and third pairings. Smith/Ericsson, Kindl/Dekeyser as the second and thrid pairing looks a lot better than the first and second pairing.

    But something has to be done – and Detroit fans are tired of sitting on our hands and being told to just wait. It’s been 5 years since we’ve been relevant, there’s no excuse we can’t continue to be a Stanley Cup contender – not a Barely-Make-The-Playoffs team.

    • Peter Fish

      1) Bertuzzi is past his prime, but he plays a very valuable role on the top line next to Datsyuk and is still a very skilled forward.
      2) Cleary has barley, if at all, played on the top line.
      3) Ericsson will never put up a lot of points for the Red Wings, but he is their best defensive defenseman and certainly worth the contract extension. Cap hit comparables would be: Niklas Hjalmarsson, Ed Jovanovski, Anton Volchenkov, Zdynk Michalek, and Dan Hamhuis. He definitely belongs in that group.
      4) Quincey has not been as bad as his +/- or Corsi would lead you to believe and he leads the Wings with TOI.
      5) The Flyers were ready to offer him a contract when he showed up at Training Camp, but instead he signed a 1 year deal with Detroit and stayed. So there was another team ready to sign him.
      6) Brendan Smith, Danny DeKeyser, Kyle Quincey and Jonathan Ericsson are all top 4 defensemen on any team.
      7) Neil Yakupov is not coming to Detroit and neither Johan Franzen or Darren Helm will be packaged together for anyone except for a current top 20 player, which Yakupov is not anywhere near,
      8) Dion Phanuef is not leaving Toronto, period.
      9) The Wings are an average team right now, which means that lesser teams will beat them from time to time and the Wings will beat better times from time to time.

      Once Zetterberg, Helm, Abdelkader, and Franzen return from injury the Wings will be better of, but adversity will always happen. I never said praise them for losing, but let them know you are behind then and help them through the adversity rather than kick them while they are down.

      Booing solves nothing.

      • GoHockey

        Bertuzzi is a turnover machine, all he has been lately and needs to go.
        There is no way, with a straight face you can type that Smith and Quincey are top 4 D on any team. And Quincey is worse than his stats. He reminds me of a men’s league defenseman who thinks he’s better than he is and gets burned all the time. He takes terrible lines at opposing players and get’s beat, he routinely takes the wrong guy, he isn’t smart enough to tie up anybody’s stick in front of the Wings’ net, he can’t handle the puck and he’s blown tires and turned the puck over when he is the only guy back.
        Don’t get me wrong, I was not opposed to the trade for him when it was made; he was decent in LA and Colorado and it was a chance to correct the past mistake of keeping an old Chelios over a younger player and get a guy under 30. This trade was not as easy to see blowing up as resigning the numerous bags of bones Holland has that last couple years. I can speculate that if he was with the Wings this entire time he may be better, but he simply isn’t. He is terrible and I hope to god he is gone after this season. Hopefully, Smith being unshackled from him will allow him to grow, still don’t get the point of playing those 2 grenades together. It’s pretty clear it has not worked.
        I agree with you on Ericsson.
        And thank god Diane will stay in Toronto, boy will that contract be outrageous.

  • GoHockey

    It is my right as a fan to boo my team when the management has been complacent and signed over the hill vets, (Sammy, Cleary, Bertuzzi), the D doesn’t even have the intelligence to lift a fowards stick in front of their own net and the coach refuses to change strategies (I was at the Duck game when the breakout consisted of the forwards standing at the red line and the D dumping it out to them and wondering why it didnt work. Rinse. Repeat. Suck).
    My bosses don’t reward me with praise if I do something terrible so why should they be rewarded with praise when they are losing to inferior teams?
    I do not condone personal attacks that go beyond the game, booing is all good though.

  • Futur3Fo3

    Never understood “booing” the Wings. They’ve been to the playoffs the most consecutive times in NHL history and with NHL teams so evenly matched, that’s saying a lot! The Wings hold the record for most wins in a single season, too. Go WINGS!

  • Brian

    I was at this game and have been going to Wings games since the late 80′s. Wings fans are passionate and they recognize effort. When the effort is not there we get angry. We pay a LOT of money to come to the games and receive a good product. They don’t always have to win, but we expect effort. If it’s not good we have the right to boo and voice our dissatisfaction. I’ve been to hundreds of Wings games over the years and there have been less than 5 games I’ve ever booed them. This was one of them. They deserved it. The real fair weather fans are the ones who put up with mediocrity and just come to the game for the social experience. Those of us who know hockey and the nuances of the game can recognize when the team is not trying. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And I’ll do it again the next time they don’t give a good effort.