November 25, 2011; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Red Wings right wing Todd Bertuzzi (44) scores the winning goal in a shootout against the Boston Bruins at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Red Wings’ Preseason Games

The Detroit Red Wings are hosting four preseason games in September as a lead off to the Regular Season. If you would like to see players like Martin Frk, Anthony Mantha, and Luke Glendening getting a significant amount of minutes on the ice as Red Wings I would suggest heading down to the Joe for at least one game.

The Detroit Red Wings host the Boston Bruins, their new division rival, on September 21st. It will be a good introduction to the Eastern Conference and our new division.

On September 22nd the Chicago Blackhawks head back to Detroit for early semi-revenge game.

After the Blackhawks, the Red Wings take on another Eastern Conference rival whom Wing fans already did not like, the Pittsburgh Penguins. That game will take pace on September 25th.

In their last preseason game on September 27th, the Red Wings take on their Winter Classic rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Each of these games will be great, but do not expect to see the same intensity you would during the Regular Season. The Wings will be experimenting with younger players and trying to keep their veterans healthy.

In the preseason leading up to the 2011-12 season, Todd Bertuzzi did not play a single game, but was ready for the regular season. That is something to expect in the preseason leading up to this season as well. Expect to see plenty of the youngsters with the veterans mixed in to get them read for the preseason.

Tickets are on sale now and could be had for as little as $25.

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  • john

    You jerks are an effin’ joke. You stole Alfie from the Sens. The Senators are probably going to be a lot better than the Red Wings. Think about it, the Sens first line will probably be Michalek-Spezza-Ryan. Spezza has the potential to go upwards of 90 points, he has already done it once, and playing with a guy like Ryan who could likely score 40 goals and Michalek who will probably go at least above 25 goals. The Wings first line will probably consist of Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Alfie. Let’s face it, Alfie has a ceiling of around 50-60 points if he plays the full season at his best and if he’s healthy. Zetterberg could get around 80 points and Datsyuk could get 90. Ottawa has the best offensive defense man and arguably the best all around in Erik Karlsson. Anderson is way better than Howard. No need for an explanation there. Ottawa and Detroit both made it to round 2 with the Wings going to Game 7 against the cup champs while the Sens went to game 5 against the Penguins. Ottawa didn’t do that bad considering the fact that their top two skaters in Spezza and Karlsson were both playing at less than 100%.

    • youreaclown

      Alfie will not be on the top line, that statement has already been made by the Wings front office. Datsyuk is the best 2 way forward in the league and could undress anyone on Ottawa’s top line or blue line. Zetterberg is easily in the top 5 of best 2 way forwards. Karlsson is a great offensive threat from the blue line but all he does is make up for the rest of Ottawa’s point lacking forward lines. I don’t know how you figure Anderson is better than Howard.. Anderson had a good year but Howard is proven to be a top tier and winning NHL goalie year in and year out. You are talking about Michalek who is a good player and goal scorer but won’t put up unreal points because he is so injury prone and probably won’t play a full season…again… As for an overall look at the team the Wings have been the best organization in the NHL and arguably all sports the last 20+ years. They are a better team and have a better chance of winning and Alfie obviously knows that and has stated that based on his decision this off season. We can speculate all we want but the fact is we are sitting on the couch watching and he has been in the league for 20 years so if anyone knows which team is better and where he has the best chance of winning the cup it is Alfie himself.

  • john

    My good friend, Mr. youreaclown you are looking to the past while i was speaking about the upcoming season. The Red Wings may have been better the past 20 years but that says nothing about this upcoming season. Please reply to me only if you are actually writing something that pertains to my comment. Good day to you sir!