Pavel Datsyuk's Top 5 Highlights of 2013

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In honor of Pavel Datsyuk‘s new three year extension and the fact that he is going up against himself for TSN’s Play of the Year, I thought we should take a look back at some of his highlights from this past season.

I will be leaving out Datsyuk’s TSN Play of the Year plays because they would top this list and that would not create any suspense. So, here we go with number five.

#5 – Pavel Datsyuk dekes Logan Couture out of his jock strap

Detroit fans have been watching Datysuk deke out goaltenders to put the puck in the net and defenseman to get around them, but I think this is the first time I have seen him knock a player down with a deke in the corner.

Couture is no slouch on defense, but if you pressure Datsyuk too much he can make you look very silly. You have to give props to Couture because after the game he made fun of himself for getting deked out on his birthday.


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