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Octopus Thrower Hangout: Episode One - Playoffs


Welcome to the first edition of the Octopus Thrower Hangout.

Christina, Jordan, Jeremy, and Dylan join me as we talk about Jimmy Howard’s contract extension, what is going on with the team, and most importantly the playoffs. The Detroit Red Wings currently sit in 10th place in the Western Conference and are 3 points out of 8th place.

I hope you enjoy our first, of what could be many google hangouts and let us know what you think. And a big thank you to Josh Howard for creating our Hangout logo!


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  • Mike

    This is very cool. Like I said on Twitter, I may have to steal this for future podcasts for my blog. But it was great watching and listening. Nicely done, Peter.

  • StormJH1

    Guys (and gal) – thanks for doing the Podcast/Hangout. I think there’s a real lack of good Wings audio discussion, in contrast to the pretty good selection of blogs and forums. I know about some of the audio problems in the beginning, and keeping a good conversation going is harder than it looks.

    The only time I wanted to jump into my computer and argue was the part about Holland’s “rebuilding” comments. One person made the comment that at least he’s being honest as opposed to doing what Jay Feaster did for years and pretending like they were contenders.

    My view is this: The semantics of rebuilding vs. reloading really aren’t that important, but this team is NOT rebuilding right now. The idea behind rebuilding is that you make a conscious decision to trade present success for future potential. There is ZERO evidence that the Red Wings have done that at all, or are contemplating it for next season. Just as Calgary was beholden to the core contracts of Iginla, Kipper, and Bouwemeester under Feaster, Detroit has been built around a core of Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, and now Howard. Datsyuk may leave for Russia after 2014, and Franzen is an example of a secondary player that could be moved. But the veteran moves last offseason and the absence of any evidence that the Wings are moving out aging starts to acquire higher draft picks (either via trade or via “being terrible) all suggest that this expected to compete this season, and probably will stay with that script next year, as well. Whether they call it that or not.


    • franzenmuth

      You can lump me in with the guys, it’s been like that all my life ;)

    • Peter Fish

      The Wings as of now are a team that will compete for a playoff spot, but is that good enough? I don’t think so, the Wings are transitioning/rebuilding/reloading which ever way you would like to state it, but the Wings are very young on defense and plan to get younger on offense.

      It will be interesting which way Holland takes them because this in between rebuilding and trying to win a Cup situation they are in is not working out well as of now.

  • Chris

    Great Job.

    Just quit moving around and/or typing. I can get really annoying.

    • Peter Fish


      There will always be issues in the 1st one and stuff that needs refining. So next one should be that much better.

  • Nick Tylwalk

    This was great, especially for a first effort. Now the Wings need to finish strong so everyone’s not sad during the next one. Yeah I know most of you promised you wouldn’t be sad, but I’m not convinced…

    • franzenmuth

      As long as one of the matchups in the first round is like the PIT/PHI one from last year, I’ll be okay. That series was the only reason I wasn’t angry at the Red Wings last year hahaha

    • Peter Fish

      Look forward to you being a part of the next one :)

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