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It's A Trap! Detroit Red Wings: 0 - St. Louis Blues: 1

There is a lot of blame to go around the rink for this game, but Detroit Red Wings just did not get it done in a must win game. St. Louis now moves a point ahead of the Red Wings in the standings, while Detroit sides into 8th place. the Blues run the trap better than anyone else in the league, which makes it very difficult to comeback in a game against them.

Now to the bullet points:

  • Al got the crowed riled up by swing the octopus on the ice and it was certainly worth the $10,000 fine coming the Wings way. Take that Bettman!
  • Jimmy Howard had a great game and despite getting run into early and often, he kept his head in the game and made some big stops.
  • When a defenseman leads the team in shots something is wrong. Maybe Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg just need more shoot in their diet.
  • Gustav Nyquist had a breakaway and could not bury it on Brian Elliott, those have to go in.
  • The Wings let Elliott, who has been awful this season, settle in net by bombing long shots with no one around the net at him. Those will be stopped every time.
  • Jakub Kindl has gotten very good at trying to score on Howard this season and helped Porter by kicking the puck at Howard, which forced him to make an awkward before the puck was stuffed between his legs.
  • Danny DeKeyser had another good game on defense and had a handful of long passes which hit the tape, but also a few which missed, badly.
  • How can an announcer do a national broadcast and continually call players by the wrong name? DeKeyser was DelKeyser, Franzen was Fr-AN-san, and Datsyuk was Datsyoooooooook, I just don’t understand it.
  • The biggest thing I got out of today’s game is that the NHL should never let a referee chose the officials he wants to ref with again. It was brutal out there.
  • Also, Henrik Zetterberg received a penalty for being mauled, held, and the after the whistle face washed in front of the referee, while Perron on got a 2 minute penalty for holding the stick. That is one moment I wish Tootoo was good enough to play on the Wings top line like McCarty did for a bit and Shanahan always did. That would not have happened it that was so.

I hope you guys enjoyed this recap and hopefully it will be my only one as the Wings are 0-1 when I do them. Take care and thanks for reading.

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