Feb 17, 2013; St. Paul, MN, USA; Detroit Red Wings defenseman Ian White (18) against the Minnesota Wild at the Xcel Energy Center. The Wild defeated the Red Wings 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Deadline Day Has Arrived

Talk today on the Detroit Red Wings will be about who will and will not  be wearing a red and white sweater come the three o’clock trade deadline.

With all the recent trades before the deadline it could mean that they are no more big deals to be made, but I do not believe that to be true. They are still enough sellers on the market that a team could make a splash and these players can fit into what the Red Wings would want.

The problem is what these players would cost Detroit in a trade. The Red Wings have pieces to move, but are not willing to sell them off for draft picks or prospects. They are looking to package those assets together in order to bring in a top 6 forward or a top four defenseman.

So who are these players Detroit would be looking to add? Pominville? Yandle? Glencross? Stafford? Fleischmann? The problem is none of these players will be able to push Detroit over the edge for this season, but it could help propel the Red Wings in the future and that is what Ken Holland is looking to do this year.

Status quo will not be a bad option for the Red Wings, but I expect a move for one of the defensemen; otherwise the Wings will be rolling with nine on the roster for the rest of the season, once Quincey come back from injury.

Whether it will be an eventful or uneventful deadline we will be here to keep you updated.

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  • Powermetal

    I completely disagree with the notion that the status quo would not be a bad option, it would be disastrous. Look it’s simple, this team is not a cup contender as is so please help me understand why you would maintain status quo. The front office needs to decide if we are buyers or sellers, I can live with either decision, we have trade assets which allows us the flexibility to take either approach.

    • Peter Fish

      Buyers most likely means that Detroit would have to give up prospects like Nyquist/Tatar/Mrazek/Jurco which Ken does not want to do.
      Selling means that the Wings have given up on the season and are rebuilding. Which would turn off Datsyuk/Zetterberg so he doesn’t want to do that either.
      Status quo is not bad for the Wings because as of now they are a playoff team and could surprise who they play in the first round and advance to the 2nd. The Wings would get younger next season with Tatar/Nyquist being given permanent spots on the Wings.
      If the Wings make a trade today it won’t be a buyer or seller trade it will be a trade that helps the Wings now and in the future.

      • Powermetal

        You make good points but Datsyuk has already hinted he is going home after his current contract expires, Zetterberg is not exactly setting the world on fire, even if the Wings did get past the first round they would in all likelihood make a second round exit. I know you will respond with look at what the Kings accomplished as an eighth seed, but the Kings were playing extremely well going into the playoffs last year, but I digress.

        The bottom line is an eventual early round exit which this team is destined for is simply not good enough for this organization. Which is why I maintain even though it is a tough decision unloading a Franzen/Filppulla/Bertuzzi or a prospect or two in order to reload is not a bad way to go and would show the players and fans that the front office has a plan in place to enable us to stay competitive for years to come.

  • eric saleh

    Wings need Pominville & Stafford or at lease one of them! That’s the move they need if not then I would make a trade or waste money on anything else this year! And just plan for the future

  • eric saleh

    The wings are NOW talking about CURIS GLENCROSS Of the Calgary flames, and i think this would be a dumb move and Carless buy or trade! We need to forget about Calgary Flames ! The wings are better then that! It looks like the wings are being Cheap!! If the wings are going to make a move it needs to be JASON POMINVILLE or STAFFROD, or MARK STREIT if its not that then the wings should just NOT make a trade or buy this deadline and just Focus on next Season. The wings needed a good forword to begain of this Season! We tried to buy top Forwards before the Season even started! We didnt get any! If we have the chance to get a really good Forward then redwings need to spend the money on the right one! Not a ok forward and a move just to shut up the red wings fan!! JASON POMINVILLE will be a good fit with Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk!