Quick Update: Reffing & Ken/Mickey

Writing this on my lunch break at work, so it will be a quick one (that’s what s…nevermind).  We all know the reffing in last night’s game was downright horrible.  I will not argue that.  I did notice a trend last from Red Wings fans probably due to Mickey Redmond – that the Wings were screwed by the refs.  I’m here to argue against that.

Yes, the Wings seemed like they were getting screwed early on.  Emmerton got an interference call for standing by the boards and Franzen got called for a rough while getting cross-checked in the head and trying to get away from that.  But, I digress.  Nashville’s first penalty was a “rough” for apparently checking a player.  It may have been a quarter second late, but it wasn’t a Kronwallian hit; just a guy playing the body.  My rule on judging refs is “if the teams were reversed, would it still be a good/bad call?”.  Either way in this game, it would be bad.  That “hold” on Ian white near the end of the game is usually never called, as was the whole hook/dive on Hudler.  Just horrible reffing alll around, not just against the Wings in my opinion.

I do have a problem with Mickey on this, however.  I usually love his tirades, and yes, they entertained me in the first period.  But he didn’t let up on it all game and it seemed like he was crying over it way too much.  There was still some good hockey outside of the reffing that was ignored.  It made Mickey, and Wings fans as a whole, look like a bunch of babies.  I think it was good of him to talk about it, but the constant whining in the third period left a bad taste in my mouth.

There is a national perception about Ken and Mick being extreme homers for the Wings.  And that’s fine to be a slight homer,  since local broadcasters are homers for the teams they are paid to broadcast, which makes sense.  But games like this are the reason Ken and Mick get this perception.  I love Ken and Mick, but they go overboard sometimes, and this was one such occasion. 

And real quick – if Shea Weber doesn’t get a game suspension for this head-slamming of Hank, the league has no credibility when it comes to player safety.  I know Hank isn’t seriously hurt, but come on.  And yes, if that was Ericsson slamming Radulov’s head into the boards after the final whistle, I’d be saying the same exact thing.

And even quicker…poor Helm.  I feel so bad for him.  Time to listen to Kenny Loggins…

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