December 23, 2008; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Red Wings center Henrik Zetterberg (40) waits for a face off against the St. Louis Blues during the 1st period at Joe Louis Arena. Mandatory Credit: Michael Sackett-US PRESSWIRE

Where have the Wing Nuts gone?


Jan 25, 2012; Montreal, QC, CAN; Detroit Red Wings fan Darrin Wineberg before the game against the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Center. Mandatory Credit: Jean- Yves Ahern-US PRESSWIRE


I’d like to take a trip back in time today. Our destination is long, long ago. So lets get in our time machines and go into the distant past: January 2012.

Things were great then, J-How was a fortress in between the pipes, Pasha had the puck on a shoe string, and we were playing great hockey. I sat in my car one January evening after a Wings victory, and listened to people call in to boast about this victory. “WE ARE CUP CONTENDERS!!” “NOTHINGS GONNA STOP US THIS YEAR!!” Now here we are, one day away from the hockey fans new year day, and those same fans aren’t quite so sure of themselves. Why? May I remind everybody that this is the same team you were cock sure of back in the middle of the season, before the injury plague, before the trade dead line where everybody clamored for a big name. But now that the team had a rough month, and didn’t look too great, and now supposed fans are claiming our red sweaters are going to get swept. I shudder to think what these fair weather wings were thinking last year when the team was down 3 games against San Jose.

I get being nervous, this is a tough opponent we’re matched against, and a loss COULD happen. But that doesn’t mean it WILL. Just because the Music City Mongrels made a couple of moves at the trade deadline does not mean they can match our depth. I know, I know..the Wings away record was awful this year. But didn’t they enter last years playoff with having a bad home record? Did they not win any home games in the playoffs last year? Did people forget all about how bad their season home record was last year after a first round sweep? Believe in your team, citizens of Hockeytown. A beard like Hanks can only bring prosperity.


  • joe40

    About time someone said it.

  •!/ChrissyChemist ChrissyKraceva

    Thank you, Charlie. Clearly we have similar people on Facebook. There are fans who analyze the team and compare tour guys to Nashville and get worried, the types of fans who havebeenpaying attention to how well Nashville has become since their inception and how they have a strong core of good players, but realize our depth is better, and that when we’re running at 100% for 60 minutes we are unbeatable; the only ones who can beat us our ourselves. And then there are the “fans” (like Chicago has “fans”) who can’t look at the last month and find the positives like how Z stepped into a leadership role when Nick was out, that we proved out deep our team is, that we proved our method drafting and conditioning for years works (and works DAMN well), that now some of our best are rested, and that got some of our “minor” players to step it up just in time for playoffs. The types of fans who just like to see the W in the column but not enjoy the game for the game. Those fans, I will punch in the face just like I’ll punch my over-zealous Sharks Fan Boyfriend if we meet them this year.
    Let’s go Wings. 20 minutes.

  • DarrinJimmylegsWineberg

    Hey, thanks for posting this and for using my picture ;-) Was horrible to see them laydown at home (for me in Montreal) while playing one of the worst teams this year, but it was still great to see them play live, which i don’t get to do often.