Need for speed

A prodigal son returns

   Need for speed

“I think he’ll play in Game 2 for sure,” – Coach haircut

That’s right. Helm is NOT going to miss this round. A game 2 return is quite possibly the best news the Wings could hear today, aside from a perfect genetic clone of Pasha. Considering one of the supposed edges the Nashville Expansions have  on the Wings is speed, we  really need  Helm. Not just for his speed(which frankly, I do have a need for) but for his grit, and PK role. He will out work you at the boards, skate the puck into your zone quicker than you can say “Babcock”  and keep the puck from you, draining time from the  PP. Seeing as how statistically, the team from down south has a great PP, Helms role cannot be more vital. The playoffs seem to be Darren’s time to shine(just ask Cindy the boy wonder) and this year I expect him to step up. He’s got the experience, and I get the general impression beneath his calm exterior Helm is hungry.

  •!/ChrissyChemist ChrissyKraceva

    Helm has also become a major part of the heart of this team. Now a Draper-less team, I feel like he’s filled that role of “the guy who gives 100% almost every game even when no one else does” and the that influence not being there has been noticeable.

  • joe40

    Nashville should be worried.

  • Charlie89

     @ChrissyKraceva I think that Helm is the unofficial captain of our “bottom” 6. Although, Id take our “Bottom 6″ over most teams top 6.