Will Mike Modano make his Red Wings playoff debut in game six? (Amanda Nitz)

We're halfway there...

… Well through defeating the San Jose Sharks in the second round that is. It has taken the Red Wings five games to win twice and will face a third straight elimination game tomorrow.

The last team to come back from a 3-0 deficit were the Philadelphia Flyers of last year over the Boston Bruins; and not only were they down 3-0 in the series but they also were down 3-0 in game seven and the Bruins watched their season slip from their grasp.

Last night the Red Wings were down 2-0 when finally Niklas Kronwall put Detroit on the scoreboard in the second period. The teams went to intermission with a one goal game and came back to see the Sharks make it a two goal game within the first minute of the third. It was then that Detroit flipped the fabled ‘switch’ and went into playoff mode.

An injured Pavel Datsyuk that did not take a single face-off to save his wrist some wear and tear set up three of the four Red Wing goals including this beauty of a keep-away game with Patrick Marleau:

That series would lead to the game winning goal after Datsyuk got the puck to captain Nicklas Lidstrom whose shot was tipped in by Tomas Holmstrom from his office in front of the net.

If someone had told me that Jonathan Ericsson would score a goal before the game last night I would of laughed, in fact I did laugh when he did score. Many of the Red Wings faithful followers have been calling for the end of Ericsson’s time with Detroit. His play had continued to drop since his NHL debut and people have just given up hope that he will be the defensive force he had show so much promise to be; and not the defensive liability he has become.

Game Six is set for tomorrow night in Detroit with an injured Mule….

… it will be a wait and see if Johan Franzen is ready to go for the game tomorrow.

So be happy Detroit the Red Wings have survived another elimination game and have brought hockey back to Hockeytown for at least one last hurrah.

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  • Steve Kendall

    The Wings need to play a 60-minute game on Tuesday. They can’t have letdowns like they have had in every game of this series. Howard has been awesome, and they need to pick him up with a win in Game at the Joe. Anything can happen in Game 7 if it gets there — I saw that last year in Boston!


    • Monica McAlister

      Therein lies the problem for Detroit. They can not play a full 60 minutes of their lives depended on it this season. Game four is a great example of them coming out with guns blazing and then sitting back and almost got eliminated.

  • http://www.bladesofteal.com S.M. Williams

    Speaking of not playing a full 60 minute game…

    At what point, as the announcers stated, did the Wings and Sharks switch jerseys?

    Also, a little tired of hearing how amazing Datsyuk is by Logan Couture! It’s the playoffs, go fawn all over him AFTER you close him out.

    Game 6 has Detroit against wall, but hard to argue against them also having the momentum.

    Should we do a little bet? If you win, I wear a Sawchuk mask to work a la the following


    • Monica McAlister

      ha! There has been a huge momentum shift in the series; and of course I am biased and hope that the Red Wings keep it. Let the doubt grow within the Sharks of their yearly failures in the playoffs.

      I don’t have anything that I can wager in a friendly bet. I already said I’d leave my Twitter default with me wearing the Free The Octopi shirt picture up until the end of the playoffs. And lets face it – though teal looks better on me than red does I have no Sharks stuff… though a crazy draw to Niittymaki could make me change that.

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  • http://inspiredbymike.net Amanda

    Mike made his playoff debut in game 4 last round.

    Franzen needs to rest that ankle of his. It’s obviously bad, and if he keeps playing on it, he’ll injure it to the point of not being able to play at all.

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