Detroit keeps it classy in Phoenix: brawl breaks out after game three

Listen here Hockeytown. The follow is not acceptable – ever.

You do not beat up a rival fan. I don’t care what they said to you, what they threw at you. Keep it classy and don’t punch a girl in the desert.

The Phoenix Coyotes are down 3-0 in the first round of what might be their last playoff series before being relocated to Winnipeg and renamed the Manitoba Jets. Leave them alone.

How would you be if your Red Wings were looking at being deported and renamed?

What if something you love was about to be torn away from you?

You should know how that feels as the NHL is trying to take away the tradition of Octopus throwing. Look at how up in arms everyone got about that $500 fine and threat of arrest and court to those that continue on the behavior.

Phoenix is about to lose their entire team.

I do not know who was involved and honestly I don’t care; but I do want to apologize for that behavior from a fellow Wingnut.

Stay classy out there Detroit.

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  • John Sharp

    WOW, what an idiot. Always idiotic fans, no matter the team.

    You’re right, there is no place for that.

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  • smitty

    taken down from youtube still havent seen in, know where it can be found?

  • lonewolf3388

    Can’t see the video but I’m guessing it was a guy beating on a girl. That’s always a gutless thing to do. I don’t care what the circumstances are. Find a man to punch tough guy.

  • desertdog

    In your short article you said it all as for how we feel in phx. Been a season ticket holder for 5 years..and i feel sick to my stomach everytime i leave the stadium knowing that this is probably the last season in phx. barring this one incident. after all there are idiots everywhere…i love the wings fans, i love the hawks fans. they come here for games show up in their jerseys ready for a great game. they just want to see great hockey. ive sat by many redwing fans and after a win or a loss it always ends the same way. saying good bye pleasently and telling them to come back again. theve never taken cheap shots…about attendance or relocation. on the flip side the vancover fans are so insulting. if the shoe was on the other foot and they had to go thru what we are going thru there would be riots.

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