Wing's Update(Letter to Kee)


So this is going to be a different kind of post than I normally write. Let me give you the back story. I have just recently left the Navy. I was on a 688 class submarine. One of my good friends, Stephen Kee, that I got into hockey real bad, is still on the boat and it left on a six month deployment last friday. Before he left he asked me if I would write him once a week and give him a status update on how the Wings were doing. What you have to understand about a submarine on deployment leaves port, the only contact they have with the outside world is a really crappy email system that takes like a week turnaround on emails. They do get some sports news but its never hockey(go figure). So in addition to Red Wings Kee is also interested in Tampa Bay(because of Stevie Y) and how the Devils were doing so bad. So this will be the first Letter To Kee.
Kee, What’s up man? How are you hangin out there? How are the guys? Everything good here, just trying to adjust to life outside the Navy. So if you haven’t noticed this is your weekly letter, im posting it on as well.
So the Wings are still getting by, all things considered. Pav, Cleary, Homer, stuart, modano, and osgood are still out. Pav and Cleary are set to come back Feb. 3rd right after the allstar break. Homer should be back in Feb. As well. The other 3 are still set for march. Man, you missed a huge debacle. So you remeber the goalie from San Jose last year Nabokov? Well the wings signed him out of the russian league last week! He had to clear waivers though cause of a bullshit rule that makes any player who has played in another league clear every other team in the league with a worse record, before they can actually report to the team that signed him. And guess what? The god damned New York Islanders picked him up. But here’s the funny part: He refused to report. So the GM called him and Nabby hung up on him! So now the islanders suspended him. He can’t sign with another team till he fullfills his 1 year 550 thousand dollar contract with the islanders! Bullshit huh? And you wouldn’t believe how quick the wings fans turned on howie…. talking about we should trade him. Bastards! So well see how that turns out. Helm has been on fire he got another unassisted break away goal the other night against the Devils, who by the way have turned around and won five out of there last 7. Broduer has remembered that he is the greatest goal tender in the league, so it was a pretty good win. The defense has tightened up and we played a damn good game of hockey, won it 3-1. We are sitting at 66 points, second in the west behind Vancouver who is at 71 points. Once we get a few guys back, well see if we make the points back or not. Doesn’t really matter these days. As long as you make it to the playoffs anything can happen. Vancouver isn’t built for the playoffs like we are. Oh and remember roloson, that goalie that Tampa bay picked up? He’s got 3 shutouts now in his first 10 games with the Lightning. They are definitely a playoff contender now, that was the only thing they were missing was solid goaltending, and now it appears theve got it. Crosby is still out with the concussion, good riddance! So stamkos has now overtaken him in goals and points with 67 points! Well ill let you know how the all star game goes with next weeks email! Stay safe out there, let everyone know im thinking about em’.

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