Emmerton Scores Lone Goal as Blackhawks Topple Depleted Wings

So here we are, a depleted team, nabakovless(thank god), and going up against our biggest rival and defending champions, the Blackhawks. I am also proud to announce that this is my first story back in Michigan. Cory Emmerton is getting his NHL debut today as Filppula is out with the flu. I would have rather seen the older Ilari Filppula but well take what we can get.
First Period
Puck is dropped in Joe Louis. Real good looking start, the fourth line came out strong and went right into the zone. Abdelkader is hitting hard rigght off the bat, looks good. Mursak has some speed, overtook Hossa and got a good takeaway. Cory Emmerton scores his first NHL goal in his first NHL game. 1-0 Detroit. Im not really sure if were playing better or Chicago is playing worse, I haven’t decided. Whew, that was close howard was down and the puck was loose, D got it out of there though. Blackhawks are on the PP, and Dave Bolland got a good feed and scoredon the PP. 1-1. Dowell put the puck over the glass and got the Delay of Game. Were on the PP. Some good chances out there. And were full strength. And that’s the first. Chicago 15 shots, Detroit 8. Were tied at 1.
Second Period
And the second is underway, Jimmy has got to stay on point. Chicago is dangerous if you let it get out of hand. Lots of back and forth. Abdelkader is hitting anything that moves out there. Chicago is getting alot of time in the zone, but we are playing very well defensively. At this point I’ve decided that Chicago and detroit are both playing better. Im glad to see detroit being tight defensively. Real good takeaway by Helm, shot, rebound, miller shot, rebound, out. Good chances. Abdelkader took a bullshit roughing, 2 min. PK. Chicago’s Kopecky scores on the PP. That gives chicago a 2-1 lead. They are now 2 for 2 on the PP. They’re reviewing a goal by Chi, no goal, off the crossbar. Stupid call by the ref. Should of let it go and reviewed after play. But it did come after a bad turnover in our slot. And Hudler passed instead of shoot. No goal. He needs to shoot and stop trying to force himself to be a playmaker. He did have 3 assists last game though, so I guess well see. Helm got tripped, oh I guess on the replay he just fell. Oh a little off topic, the announcers just announced that Nabokov has refused the islanders offer to pick him up off wavers. Zegterberg scores, but its waved. I guess zetterberg made slight contact before the puck hit went in. No goal. And we continue. There are some definate holes in our D now, and it looked so good at the beginning. Wings are giving away alot of turnovers in front of Jimmy. Huge breakaway chance by the hudler, he didn’t even look like he was trying on his shot, I guess he didn’t know what to do with nobody to pass to. Back the other way, and Chicago scores, Kopecky has two. 3-1 Chicago. And that’s the second. Detroit was looking sloppy in the second. 27-17 shots in favor of the Blackhawks. We really need to play the 3rd like we did the 1st. Im am so sick of watching these guys come back from a multi goal deficit in the 3rd.
Third Period
Third line starts again, more and more becoming my favorite line. 1st line got huge chance. Z fell after a shot and almost got his own rebound from his stomache. Emmerton almost got his second of the night/ his career. Bolland on a breakaway missed a pretty much empty net. And we are doing our normal rally thang in the third, but were not getting anything out of it. Huge interception by Z llike10 feet in front of Crawford no goal. And Blackhawks score. Brouwer got the goal. And its 4-1 blackhawks. This game is over. We’ve still got 11 minutes, but I don’t see us doing anything with it. And drapes got a roughing, so another PK. Kjalmersson took a hooking, so we’ve got a PP. And that’s the game. 4-1 Chicago. Good Goal Emmerton. Go Wings!

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