New Octopus Thrower in town

Good morning Wings fans. This being my first blog, it would of course be most appropriate for me to introduce myself. My name’s Steve Robak and I’m coming at ya from Ottawa Ontario, Land of the Beaver Tails, Canadian Parliament and the yes, the Senators. This being a Wings blog, you wont see me mention the Sens here any more than any other NHL team. I’m actually fairly new to Ottawa, having moved here from BC for work related reasons a couple summers ago. You might ask….unless I’m from Windsor, what business does a Canadian lad have in being a Wings fan?! Well….let’s sojourn into the dark, dark, REALLY dark days of Red Wing laughingstockdom. We’re talking Tim Cheveldae kinda dark baby. Hearkening back to a time when Stevie Y was a wide eyed youngster in this NHL, Probert was knockin’ the crap outta just about everyone, and Joe Murphy was more than a forgotten sore-spot. Some guy I worked with sold me what he called a “game-worn” Probert jersey, that he claimed he’d gotten from his friend Dave Lewis. He needed the money, and although not a Wings fan at the time, I thought it’d be pretty cool to have the jersey. The price was right. Anyway, a few weeks later this guy came into work with a box full of stuff for me. He had in fact called up Dave Lewis and had him send out some other goodies, including a team annual, an autographed Stevie Y photo (personalized to me), and a team pennant signed by the whole team (Stevie Y twice). Turns out the Probert jersey was real, albeit with no certificate of authenticity, but I still hang it proudly today. A Wings fan for life. There you have it…….but I digress.

So, my intention in this blog is going to be to provide the reader(s?) with my personal perspectives on current NHL events and maybe do some other fun stuff. I’m not here to re-report the news. When news happens, you’ll likely see me chuck something out there, but you dont need me to tell you that Bertuzzi just got signed to a two-year deal, or that big brother Filpulla (is it Ilari, IIari, LLari or Larry?) is coming across the pond. What I hope you want to read about is my take on the info or what fantasy impact these sorts of things might have. Oh…yeah…that’s another thing. I’m big on fantasy, and love to talk the talk. Wings related or otherwise. Please. PLEASE talk hockey with me. It’s gonna be a long summer if we don’t keep up the dialogue. My obsession is unhealthy and it needs to be fed.

So, on that note I’ll sign off. But not before wishing all you Dads out there a Happy Fathers Day. Especially the hockey Dads. I’m now off to spend the day with my two little hockey players. We’ll be in touch soon.

Steve Robak – Octupus Thrower

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