Even chimps at the Deroit zoo were consoling each other after the loss

The stages of grief

It’s been a full 7 days since the season ended in a very disappointing fashion.  That was just enough time for me to (whimsically mind you) go through 5 stages of grief…

I woke up on last Sunday thinking that last night was a bad dream.  Surely the performance of the Wings in my dreams was not the same team from 2 nights before that opened a big can of whoop ass with a 7-1 shellacking.  After making pancakes and checking Twitter I realized that I wasn’t dreaming and that the season was truly over.  Shock ensued and I don’t really remember much of last Sunday.

I initially blamed the spicy hamburgers I made for dinner Sunday night for my internal pain, but later analysis proved that it was very hard for me to stomach the loss.  Going out in 5 games is just something I’m not used to anymore.  In the early early 90s sure, it seemed to happen every year, but in this millennium it’s a discomfort I’m not used to feeling.

Like a lot Red Wing fans I was angry.  I was unhappy with the officiating, the cheap shot by Thornton on Holmstrom, the hit by Murray on Franzen, but mostly I was mad at bad luck.  Lidstrom breaking his stick that lead to a 2 on 1, battling Phoenix hard for 7 games and getting 48 hours of rest, and the injuries that plagued Detroit in the regular season and the playoffs.  To win the the playoffs sometimes the hockey gods need to shine their grace on thee and this year they did not.

In the days after the loss I read some posts from around the blogosphere and I thought back to really what a tremendous season the Wings had.  Howard getting the call in goal and really doing a fantastic job as a rookie.  The race for the playoffs after the Olympic break and going from “out of it” to fifth seed!  The resiliency of the entire team showed that they can win even with so many players out of the lineup due to injuries.  It really was an exciting time to be a fan.

The season is over, I accept that.  I am still watching hockey and I am confident the remaining teams will give us some very exciting games to watch.  The off season is upon us and now we, as fans, get to write about who should stay, who should go, and who should we sign.  There are a lot of free agents available, a lot of money to play with, and a lot of time until October.

The next few months are going to be fun!

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