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Post season reactions from Twitter

It was quite easy to gauge fan reaction.  If you’re a Red Wings fan you’re probably either mad or sad, if you’re any other fan you’re probably happy the Red Wings are out and some other team will make it the conference finals.  Either way, this is what you (the fans) are saying…

Reactions from Red Wings fans

Overall I saw more trash talking from the guys than the gals.  Guys were generally pissed about the officiating and the hit on Franzen in the closing minutes of game 5.  The gals were thankful for a great season and were looking forward to next year.

“So sad my RedWings are done….” – 1awesome_mama

Thx redwings 4 fun & frustrating season. To all redwings tweeps for making it enjoyable & sharing the ups & downs – can’t wait for oct!!” - urbanherder

The NHL may hate us, but we can’t hear them. We got 11 Stanley Cup rings plugging our ears!” -HeliosPhoenix
In case you missed the reference, Patrick Roy said something similar about Jeremy Roenick’s trash talking during a press conference

“Woke up w/ RedWings player shirt, looked in the full size mirror and was reminded of last night’s loss. Enjoyed the season, but still sad.” - gander19

“Redwings weren’t quite ready for a Stanley Cup run, but a bright future w/ some great young talent, & a few vets to lead on for next year” - bhflatter
I share the sentiments and I agree that our future is bright with the mix of our veteran and young talent

I’m crying inside over my RedWings loss but good things coming.. Lots of recovery time this summer, Jiri Hudler returning.. Watch out 2011.” -jaclynmtersigni

Not to deminish the Sharks accomplishment, but we lost to ourselves first, the refs second and the Sharks as an afterthought.” -bradonweb
Although I agree that the Wings needed to play better overall, I disagree with the refs not playing a major part in this series.  The Sharks won 2 games off power play goals.  And the Sharks were an after thought?  Does this guy realize that in hockey you play AGAINST an opponent and the opponent was really good?

“sharks fans who call redwings “whiners” shd b reminded they hv won nothing and being upset for not winning the cup is what good teams do.” -derektixx
Totally agree here.  We’re upset and I honestly believe this series was a little (to put it lightly) one sided with the officiating

Reactions from Sharks fans
Hahahhahaha RedWings fans are such babies! Cry me river. Na na na na… Na na na na… HEY HEY HEY! GOOD BYE!” -deftoned

Hahah some RedWings fans want Murray to get suspended?? For what, being a Swedish and NOT on their team? It was a clean hit!” - drewkos

Dear RedWings Welcome to Loser City!” - sharkscrotum

It’s comments like this that make me want to root for Chicago to kick their ass next round.  The Sharks have been a long time resident of “loser city” and the Wings are just passing through.  As for the hit on Franzen, I’ll let you be the judge on whether it was a clean hit…

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